I’ve been threatening to do a comic for a long time. Finally, here it is with three to start off with. Now I have an excuse to play with toys. I dug my old GI Joe figures out of my parents’ attic and added the bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back, which I bought in the mid ’90s, and we have an instant legendary cast. The Joes will make their appearance in comic number seven. Word of mouth is the only promotion I have, so please let anyone know who may be interested in this foolishness. Thanks.

Win Boba Fett

Trivia: The first six episodes feature the bounty hunters doing impersonations. Who are the impersonations of?
The first person to correctly identify all six impersonations will win a Boba Fett action figure.

Submit all six answers at once. Contest is open until some one figures it out.
[Contest ended]