Trooper Majerska went shopping for Cobra Commander’s gift back in episode #499: Souvenir.

5 years of Troops of Doom!

Late episode today to mark the 5th Anniversary of Troops of Doom. I always plan to do a big write up for these anniversaries but for one reason or another there’s never any time. But there’s always time for contests. You can expect the traditional “Become a Troop of Doom!” contests over the next five episodes. Enter them all. There also the Firefly and Boba Fett promo image for you to check out. Big thanks to everyone who helps keep the comic alive, the donaters, promoters and traders. If you enjoy the comic and would like to help me achieve my dream of turning TOD into a professional comic and updating daily, please check of the Support TOD page. Thanks for reading!

Become a Troop of Doom! contest #1

TOD Trivia #1: How do mortal enemies get along so well at St. Lucy’s hospital?
Submit the correct answer to be entered into a random draw to have one of these figures (your choice) named after you and become a recurring character in TOD.

Warning: Anything may happen with these characters, so if you’re easily offended or have no sense of humor, do not enter. Nicknames are not accepted. Readers may enter all contests but only have one figure named after them. Contest ends March 7, winner announced March 8 (episode #528).
[Contest ended.]