Our most EXCLUSIVE indoor Car Cover.

Carautocovers now offers a wide variety of custom car covers. With more than 50,000 variations of vehicles and a variety of options to choose from, you can be sure to find indoor car covers for your car that is ideal and guaranteed to protect your vehicle against the elements.


The Form-Fit car covers fit like gloves and the cotton finish on the inside is the softest that can be placed on a vehicle to store indoors. A truly personalized luxury cover.

High-performance fabric for interiors


Super soft: take care of the paint, the chrome and everything that touches the fabric!

It adapts to the body: the elastic fabric allows the cover to adapt to the contour of the vehicle for maximum adjustment.

Highly breathable: perfect for indoor use, prevents steam and heat from being trapped under the cover.


Protection against buns and dents: the manufacture of the fabric allows protection against minor “accidents” that occur in garages.

Machine washable: the best indoor car covers is a clean cover and this cover is easy to keep in most front-loading washers/dryers.

Available in six colors: a matching bag is included for storage.


Only for internal use


Car cover reciprocates, especially for washings. As a result, users should pay attention to it so that it does not interact in any way. Soda water, on the other hand, does not present a major obstacle. The customer can therefore use this product practically also for longer distances in the cold. Very resistive, the built-in building materials are by the way opposite soda water.


Designed for cars that are not used on a daily basis, Form-Fit indoor car covers conform to the body and the super-soft interior cares for the fine paint finish. We start with the frame with polyester fabric that contains Lycra / Spandex in the yarn to provide elasticity and memory: the elasticity allows the adjustment to the body and the memory ensures that the sleeve maintains the shape for a long period of time.


By all means, the make may make the most relevant demands. The function was certainly a legitimate question. For this reason, the manufacturers can trivially not answer the users, because the merchandise is sufficient for important requirements. It is faithful to the Bulgarian guidelines that could satisfy so many interested parties. In addition, the car cover “semi-garage” system is multifunctional and can also be used for other locations if required. Apparently, at this point, the manufacturers would nonetheless have to resort to another make.


Car Cover Returns

Each Car Cover is cut to size and sewn to the brand of your vehicle, model and year, therefore we can not accept returns for indoor car covers once an order has been placed.